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Hi there, my name is Gwen Clark and I'm the girl behind Court and Hudson. This is my personal blog where I plan on covering all the various hobbies and interests that I have. Originally I'm from Chico, California. I moved to Sacramento in search of a better life. Currently I'm working in HR department of a local chain of stores. As I already mentioned I have an extensive list of hobbies that include fashion, cooking, playing around with tech gadgets and home decor. Here I plan on blogging about all of that and more. Expect a mixed bag of posts that range from ideas on what kind of clothes to wear, tech talk, for example I might do a drone review, cover a PC game, give electric cigarette tips, show off my hoverboards and my skill riding them, or lack thereof. Let's not forget about my recently discovered love for home decor and last but not least there's cooking. I like to experiment with food so expect to read updates about my adventures on that front as well.

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October 2022

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Court & Hudson

You're probably wondering how exactly did I ended up with so many interests and hobbies. Tech I love since young age. I got addicted to it watching my brothers with their Nintendo. They played on it for the most part though. I rarely got my turn, you know how older brothers can be. From Nintendo we've moved to Playstation, I think. That's when I got to join in on the fun and play a lot more. Reason for this was that we purchased one of those controller splitters, so up to 4 players could play. Then I started beating them all the time and I was cast from the Playstation during multiplayer brawls. I got to play when my brothers were in school, so I got lucky there.

As we were growing up, through elementary school, junior high and high school, and as computers got cheaper, each us got our own PC. This was awesome. My brothers and me would play LAN games and that's how I got hooked onto tech even more.

Nowadays I don't game that much, even though I occasionally do fire up and play a round of LOL or DOTA. Sadly my work and all the other responsibilities of adulthood means that I have to manage my time more maturely. There's so many hours in a day and there are other projects that I recently got into that take up a lot of my time. Besides I'm cooked up in front a computer monitor for the better part of the day at my job. My eyes couldn't handle spending even more time staring at the computer screen once I get home.

Still, the nerd in me needs feeding, 🙂 . Because of that fact I search for ways of how to play around with tech that gets me out of the house. Lately I managed to achieve that by getting into remote controlled drones with headless mode, electric scooters and 6 inch hoverboards. They are very popular with the tech crowd, and I like them cause they get me out of the house, as I said. If I'm playing with my FPV drone, you can find me in the McKinley Park here in Sacramento, flying the best drones for sale and making recordings with the drones camera. Some of the recordings even end up on my personal YouTube channel. Expect those and other tech related posts, depending on what preoccupies my time.


Fashion I was exposed to when I was just a little girl, by my mom. She is a fashion designer, a successful one at that. Being successful when you're working in the fashion industry is no small feat these days. That's one of the reasons why mom pressured me into going to college. I'm now glad that she did that, because I love my job. It's an office job, and it might not be as glamorous as what my mom does, but I have a stable income, and that's what matters too me. Besides, I still have my hobbies to keep me busy and let my creative side go wild.

With fashion I try to express myself. I never really thought people would be interested in my fashion style until a couple of coworkers asked me where I got my clothes from and from which magazine do I get my outfit ideas. Well I told them that I mostly buy clothes from thrift stores and I mix and match them myself. They wanted me to do the same for them. Soon enough I was asked by so many people about my fashion style that it became necessary to start this blog and just refer people here when they asked me about my clothes. I guess mom taught me well.

From time to time I also design and create clothes of my own. It's something that I actually do with my mom when I come visit her or she comes to visit me. It's our way of relaxing. We chat, gossip, drink wine and create clothes. Reason why I'm telling you all this is to explain why a good chunk of what I talk about here at Court and Hudson is going to be about fashion, clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. You've been warned, 🙂 .

Home Decor

Home decor I got into only recently, a few years back. It was out of necessity actually, because I bought a house. Even though people talked me out of it, I decided to take the plunge and became a home owner. It's not a big house and it wasn't even in that good of a condition to begin with. A lot of work needed to be done in order for me to move in. Luckily two of my brothers are general contractors so I had them help me out with the repairs. Once we changed the floors, fixed up the windows and doors, painted the walls I started building my nest.

Basic idea of what kind of design and furniture layout I wanted I drew up using Sweet Home 3D. It's a great application with lots of useful tools that make home design an easy choir. After I had the basic idea of how I want my house to look like I started fixing up the house room by room over the course of a year. Buying the house exhausted me financially, so I had furnish and setup one room at a time, once I saved up the cash.

During this process I learned a lot about home decor, about how to buy furniture on the cheap and that's what prompted me to start writing about that period of my life as well. Something that I got obsessed with is an activity called Ikea hacking. What Ikea hackers do is they find Ikea furniture that has one use, a wall shelf for example, and then combine it with other items from Ikea, like furniture legs for example, to find a whole new use case for them.

Perhaps the most famous Ikea hack would be the aforementioned combo of using an Ikea wall shelf and furniture legs in order to make a monitor stand. The whole idea behind Ikea hacking is to find new ways how to hack together Ikea offerings to fulfill whatever need you might have. I'll write about my Ikea hacking ideas and share my home decor suggestion in a post from time to time. It'll be a great way how to add a bit variety to my website. It is definitely starved of it, don't you think?


Last but not least is my love for food and cooking. Cooking I also learned from my mom when I was little. I was the only girl in the family and mom had to cook for my dad, me and my three brothers. I had to jump in and help as soon as I was old enough to be able to pick up a pan and reach the stove. Don't get me wrong, I don't hold it against my mom for having to help out as much as I did.

For starters I got to spend time with my mom, which I liked quite a lot. She always made me laugh and we had lots of fun when we cooked. Let's not forget that I learned how to cook which is very useful in todays world. Over the years I became interested in cooking more and more. Online I found new recipes that I worked with, eventually I started inventing dishes and meals of my own.

That's something that I'd like to share with the world so that's also going to be a part, albeit a smaller one, of what I'm going to be talking about here at Court and Hudson. I'll post my recipes, but I'll also talk about good restaurants, sandwich shops, fast food joints and even food trucks that I discover, which have good food.

Well that covers all the basics of what I plan on writing about here at Court and Hudson. I'm currently in the process of setting up the website, so note that you might come across empty pages and misconfigured things here and there. I'm moving over from my old website and I'm not sure how long it will take to transfer everything to this new domain. Hopefully not too long. Looking forward hearing from you. I'm Gwen and I'm signing out for now.