coat: H&M | sweater: ASOS | scarf: c/o Banana Republicpants: Gap | boots: MIA 

Thanks for all of your sweet comments last week. Sometimes the ebb and flow of the day to day tends to catch up with me – as I’m sure we can all relate.

This weekend was filled with an abundance of elbow grease, manual labor and mess as we used this weekend as our one major weekend to pack up before we move so we could take full advantage of the next as a holiday to spend as much time as possible with friends and family.

We snuck out early one morning to grab some sustenance before our long day and found this spot that felt very appropriate. Light in the front, black in the back – much like the sweater I had on. Which I must say has become a new favorite, it’s so sleek and looks much more luxe than it’s pocket-friendly price point.

Paired with a faux fur scarf (you know I love a good snood-like winter weather accessory) and a pop of cobalt, I was cozy and comfy without having to resort to going outside in my pj’s.

What are some of those pieces in your closet that you always find yourself reaching for?

Oh, and because we can’t ever take this sport too seriously, here’s an outtake for ya. My signature “CHEEEEESE” pose.

Layer it On

coat: H&M (similar) | vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim | blouse: French Connection (similar) | trousers: J.Crew | heels: Deena + Ozzy | bag: L.A.M.B. | necklace: c/o Stella + Dot

When it comes to the transition into fall, I must admit that I often find myself piling on the layers only to step outside into a balmy day that could do without the coat and long sleeve shirt I put on. But that’s why layering is key to get through an unpredictable fall day. One minute you’ve got a chilly breeze pushing up against you, the next you have the hot sun beating down.

So what is a gal to do? LAYER. I started with a 3/4 sleeve silk blouse that I knew would work well should the temperature get warmer than expected. I layered on a vest to add some dimension to the outfit and then finally topped it with a lightweight coat to combat a chilly breeze. Now, I could probably have nixed the coat all together, but the cobalt blue jacket was too fantastic to stay locked up in my closet for an afternoon.

the perfection of thought

 An evening stroll when the sun stays out a little longer and the temperature (usually) drops just enough make for perfect moments of clarity. I don’t know what happens but I can be in the worst mood or completely exhausted and an evening walk always seems to clear my head and perk me up. Keeping things easy, the hair went up, the fabrics went sheer and the colors bright.

What is your favorite part to summer?

street style: snow day

(hat: ASOS | sweater: thrifted (similar) | vest: H&M (similar) | pants: Zara (similar) | boots: Boutique 9 c/o Shop It To Me | bag: L.A.M.B.  (similar)| ring + necklace: c/o Stella + Dot)

When it comes to February fashion week we can usually expect the weather to cause a few problems when it comes to deciding what to wear. I think most of us thought we might luck out this year given the number of 50 degree days and lack of snow we’ve had all winter. But it seems Mother Nature had a different plan. A little snow, a few days of frigid temperatures, all adds up to a determination of how to look chic while bundling head to toe.

After a rather crazy couple of weeks,  I opted to take the weekend off and lay low with the exception of Saturday brunch with a few friends and bloggers who were in town for the shows. So leave it to me to figure out how to wear glorified pajamas out in public. I bought these Zara pants a few months ago and haven’t worn them all that much due to the fact that they are indeed two sizes too big for me. However, a little snowfall seemed the perfect opportunity to break them out. A long vest and cozy sweater combined with a few bits of glitz took this seemingly slouchy ensemble up a notch.

I always feel a few well placed accessories and a bright lip make the outfit – what are you go to tricks when you’re looking to jazz up an outfit?

there’s no place like home

(blazer: thrifted – similar | blouse: Zara – similar | pants: H&M – similar | pumps: c/o Me Too )

Since moving apartments, Jon and I have been on the hunt for some fun new locations that work for outfit photos. On one random afternoon walk we stumbled upon this cute playground that is literally built in to the rest of the block. It’s in an open converted building with great aged brick, steel beams, lots of metal and rows of skinny trees. I know it doesn’t sound much like a children’s playground, but there IS a jungle gym in the center of it all.

Today seemed like as good of a day as any to take my ruby red slippers, er loafers, and our new photo location for a whirl. Combining pieces that you’ve seen numerous times before, the loafers served to added a much needed pop to an otherwise basic color palette.