a girly christmas

i wish i had come across the work of stylist, erin swift when i was living with my very girly college roommates. i just love this feminine, modern take on christmas decorating – pops of fuschia, black and white, vintage silhouettes – it’s all very whimsical. but, i don’t think my husband would appreciate it too much now!

quieting the chaos

welcome to monday folks. luckily my work week is a short one, my Thanksgiving holiday starts tomorrow! well, today at 4 pm, but who’s counting down? doesn’t the day before a vacation always seem much busier than any other day? the days before can be quiet as a mouse and then all of a sudden, wham. a million things that need to be done… as soon as possible!

so i’m just going to picture myself sprawled on a sofa in the middle of konstantin melnikov’s studio. doesn’t this space fill you with an amazing calm? those windows, the ceilings… wow!

hello lovely

i didn’t wear a garter for my wedding because i think the whole concept is slightly obscure. but had i laid my eyes on these little lovelies from florrie mitton i would have changed my mind in a heartbeat. hello gorgeous!