apartment therapy

maybe i’ve been living under a rock, but i’m really loving uo’s apartment collection. i love the sofas! and i’m thinking of buying some of the curtain panels, maybe making a shower curtain out of them. i love the look of the floor to ceiling drape in my stark subway-tiled bathroom. (you see, we rent and all white, tiled walls would not have been my first choice!)

ps. my half marathon is now 20 days away – and my diagnosis from my doc came through this morning: ITB syndrome. (iliotibial band syndrome) basically means i need physical therapy and lots of stretching. hoping that will push me along, because right now, i’m in pain! i would hate to be three weeks out and have to skip the race. i don’t know what’s worse, not finishing or not starting?

i can’t stop…

shopping! what is my problem? here are a few things that i’ve bought, thinking about buying, or just simply lusting over!

ps. has anyone ever had an MRI? what is up with them? They put you in a tube (hopefully you’re not claustrophobic) and then tell you to lay really still and don’t move. But then startling jackhammer noises start and stop for 25 minutes. They give you some music to help you relax, but you can’t since you have a jackhammer in your ear and are too busy concentrating on not moving.
alas, i am not a fan. you would think they could do something about all the noise.

the notebook

confession: i love notebooks. i always want a newer, cooler one. which leaves me with tons, all half written in, sadly discarded.

do you have find yourself with the same problem? so naturally, i’m loving moleskin’s color-a-month planner – i think it’s enough room to write my notes in each day. and then i get a fresh color each month! but i guess i should decide soon, since we’re half already into february!