One of a Kind Gift Idea: Elva Fields

My love for the statement necklace runs deep. Ask anyone who comes in contact with me on a daily basis, I tend to have some sort of large, glittering concoction around my neck. I’ll take a statement necklace over rings, earrings or bangles any day. Something about such a piece that truly lends itself to making your personal style one of a kind.

When I came across jewelry designer Elva Fields, I was immediately swooning. Taking many of her one of a kinds finds and adding them to fun and funky statement necklaces, this is a piece that is perfect for the gal who has everything.

Which do you love? Now I don’t want to play favorites, but Wait My Turn is pretty major. But so is Inherit Your Calling. Oh, who says you need to pick?

Impressing the Guests: Custom Cocktail

Woah it’s been quite a few weeks. Between moving, home improvement and life in general, blogging has been taking the backburner. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been having all kinds of fun – sanding, unpacking boxes, and trying to fit in a few moments with friends to celebrate the season.

Speaking of which, while we might not be entertaining any guests in the near future, I have been busy thinking up some fun dishes and cocktails for last minute soirees.

Enter my new best friend, the sodastream source – designed by Yves Béhar. When I tell you I was a little excited when sodastream asked if I’d be interested in testing one out, I would be lying. This has literally become the most beloved appliance in our kitchen. It takes five seconds to go from boring tap water to fizzy fun water. And with extracts such as lemon-lime, raspberry and orange I can have lightly flavored water whenever I want. What can I say, life is more fun with bubbles in your water!

We’ve experimented with sparkling water, soda, and flavored water but I thought I might kick it up a notch and try a sparkling cocktail.

So I whipped this holiday-inspired cocktail up with the inch of available counter space that currently exists in my under-construction kitchen.

Pomegranate Tangerine Twist
1/2 cup pomegranate juice (squeeze your own or use POM)
1/3 cup tangerine juice
5 ounces white tequila
1/2 cup sparkling soda water (I infused my sodastream water with some orange essence as well)
Rimming sugar (infuse with a little tangerine zest)

Pour rimming sugar onto a plate or shallow dish. With a tangerine wedge rub along the rim of a glas and dip glasses upside down to coat the rim. Fill glasses with ice. In a cocktail shaker with ice, place the tequila, pomegranate juice, tangerine juice and sparkling soda water. Shake. Pour into the sugar-rimmed glasses and garnish with a tangerine wedge or a few pomegranate seeds, if desired.



Gift Guide: A Little Humor

Everyone has one, that friend who is filled with one-liners and tends to be the center of attention at any get together. So what do you get someone that doesn’t take life too seriously? A gift that has just as much personality, a little bit of sass and a whole lot of fun! So let’s fill the streets with laughter with today’s gift guide.

1. Rowboat Salad Bowl
2. When Pigs Fly Ornament 
3. People I Want to Punch In The Face Notebook
4. Hootch-Owl Corkscrew
5. Twiggy Piggy Bank
6. Mini Color TV Sticky Note
7. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling Coloring Book 
8. Dapper ‘Staches Drink Markers
9. BYOB “Bring Your Own Bears” Gummy Bear Can
10. Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ Stamps
11. Acapulco Needlepoint Pillow

Gift Guide: Party Throwing Pal

Hostess gifts have a special spot in my heart. I love thinking up pretty packages to bring to a sweet friend throwing a holiday soiree – or really any festive fete! While time sometimes gets the better of us and we opt for a bottle of wine, let’s step it up this holiday season and pick out some extra special finds for your party-throwing pal.

1. Rosle Pizza Wheel
2. Horn Bottle Opener
3. AERIN Artichoker Wine Stopper
4. Furbish Red Zebra Tray
5. Tory Burch Desk Calendar
6. Goodly Whale Bottle Opener
7. Gold Scale Tumblers
8. Gopala Floor Pillow
9. Sooty Tail Multi Red Pillows 
10. Gold Pebbled Bowl
11. SodaStream Source
12. Bubbled Beverage Dispenser
13. Nudo Trio of Chocolate Crema

Gift Guide: Happy Wife, Happy Life

When it comes to the lady in your life (wife, sister, mother, aunt, etc) it can be hard not to stray and pick out things you want for yourself. No harm in that, now is there? But today’s guide is dedicated to those gift-less husbands out there on the hunt for the perfect pick. Ladies, feel free to take notes – and drop subtle hints for hubs while you’re at it!

1. Lulu Frost x J.Crew bracelet
2. Kate Spade Polka Dot iPhone case
3. Grace: A Memoir
4. Frends “Layla” Rose Gold Headphones
5. Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Serum
6. Tory Burch Charlie Box Chain Necklace
7. Jayson Home Tyrol Horn Vase
8. Alejandro Ingelmo Origami Platform Booties
9. Plymouth Blanket
10. Spread the Love “Best Year Ever” Calendar
11. J.Crew Glitter Mini Overnighter
12. Marc by Marc Jacobs Belmont Mini Melly Satchel