Impressing the Guests: The Gallery Wall

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I’m still not feeling fully up to my normal blogging routine. My commute continues to be long due to storm-related issues and we have suffered through a second storm – one with a considerable pile of snow, so conditions for those who are still without power or homes have gotten worse. So please, don’t forget to keep giving – your time, your donations, these people need our help!

However that being said, I know that I can’t shut down indefinitely so I’m hoping that by trying to getting back in to my normal blogging schedule that it might help my spirits.

I figured we jump in to this week’s “Impressing the Guests” with some discussion on the gallery wall. An extremely popular trend that allows you to pile together your favorite artwork and cover a large portion of an otherwise blank wall.

While the idea of putting up a dozen or so frames, canvases and wall decor into a stylized mish-mash my cause heart palpitations from some, I promise with a little planning, it’s nearly impossible to mess up.

1. As a general rule of thumb, keep either a consistent color palette running through your pieces or keep the frames a similar shape.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix media. Prints with wall objects with frames with canvases – it adds character.

2. Layout all of your pieces on the ground, moving art around until you find a general pattern that you like. It will help you to visualize the final result.

3. Measure the wall and the measure your art placement that is currently lying on the ground.

4. Make a sketch of the rough measurements on scrap paper to ensure for accurate wall placement.

5. Start with the most central piece and work out.

6. Remember, if you mess up. Just patch up the hole and try again!

  • Drew Elizabeth

    Gallery walls are my weakness. Love the reoccurring gold theme with pops of color!

  • graceatwood

    Aaah I need to bookmark this… thank you!!! Love the pink + red combo.

  • Marissa

    I second Grace’s comment! I have always said I’ll never put “animals” up on my walls. But I’ll take the golden clad west elm-ish kind anyday. +I love that lips print!

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