Gift Guide: For the Boys

I hope everyone had their fair share of celebration and reflection this past weekend. I know I spent some much needed time with family, doing nothing at all, which felt very special. But as we move out of one holiday and in to another, let’s take a week off and enjoy the lighter side of things to come – gift giving!

I wasn’t going to do guides this year as they are a dime a dozen these days, but they are probably my very favorite thing to put together each year so I just had to get in on the fun.

Today, we kick off with the guys. A few toys, a few more practical pieces and a whole lot of manliness.

1. Logitech Universal Home Remote
2. Crescent Odd Job Multi Tool
3. Braun Digital Stainless Steel Watch
4. Pizza Boss Circular Saw
5. HyperJuice External Battery
6. Crosley Tech Turntable
7. The Zombie Survival Guide
8. Atari Console
9. Misfit Shine Activity Tracker
10. Wallace & Barnes Donegal Wool Sweater 
11. Forage Necktie
12. Vinted “Roger” Computer Case
13. Danner Mountain Trail Left Bank
14. Keds Royal Plus High Wash Twill Sneaks

  • Drew Elizabeth

    It’s always so tough buying gifts for the guy. This is a great gift guide!

  • jillian

    a few links are botched: pizza cutter/turntable. definitely interested in them for my man, though! thanks!!!!

  • graceatwood

    these are really great picks – stefan would love any of them!

  • Chelsea

    This is the best gift guide for guys I’ve seen yet!

  • lilrabnormal

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