DIY: Neon Paracord Necklace

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! With the holiday falling in the middle of the week, Jon and I decided to keep things low-key and stay close to home. That meant I had some time to finally focus on a few projects that have been pushed aside the past weeks.

So today I’m giving you the first of two neon paracord DIY necklaces. Because they tend to be a bit long I wanted to split them up. You’ll get one now and then check back on Monday for the second. Both using neon paracord and pops of gold hardware – and both can be completed in under 30 minutes each.

This first DIY was inspired by a personal style image Taylor had sent me and I knew instantly I wanted to give it a go with neon cord.


  • scissors
  • flat nose pliers
  • 2 60-inch pieces of 3mm 7-strand paracord (make sure to carefully melt any cut ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying)
  • large clasp, keychain or swivel eye snap
  • 1 or 2 large jump ring
  • 30 10mm cylindrical beads or coils (opening should be 8-9mm; I got mine here)


Step 1: String two beads on one piece of cord, slid the second cord through the beads to criss-cross and pull all the way down to one end of the cords, leaving approximately 6 inches at the end. Repeat two more times, creating two loops.
Step 2: String one bead on the top cord, pulling the free end of that top cord back up through the bead, leaving a loop at the bottom. String a bead on the bottom cord.
Step 3: Pull the free end of the bottom cord through the top loop and then down through the bead on the bottom cord.
Step 4:  Situate loop so that it is even on the top and bottom and pull beads tight. Repeat this pattern six more times.
Step 5: Repeat the initial pattern three more times. Crisscrossing the top and bottom cords through two beads.
Step 6: String a single bead onto each end of the necklace to hold them in place.

Step 7: This is how your necklace should look at this point.
Step 8: String another bead onto both cords of one end of the necklace. Slide the bead down to determine the length you want the necklace to and loop both cords back through bead creating a loop. Use a dull edge of your pliers to push the cords through if you have any trouble.
Step 9: Slide the bead down to the length you will want your necklace to lay. Make sure to measure this on both sides.
Step 10: Repeat this process on the other side, ending up with two evenly spaced loops. Cut off any excess cord and carefully melt the cut ends again. Secure the loop with some superglue or strong fabric glue of your choice and hide inside the bead.
Step 11: Take your clasp and add the large jump ring to it and connect one of the necklace’s looped ends. Tighten jump ring.

Et voila! You are done. You can use the other loop as your “ring” or certainly if you prefer, just add a second jump ring on that side for a full clasp closure. So, what do you think? Easy enough, right?

  • Nancie Mwai

    i love it, and its very easy to do. I’m going to give it a try. Thank you

    • Christine

      thanks Nancie – it is super easy! And lots of possibilities to mix up the beads and colored cords!

  • livefreeandfashionable

    What a great DIY it looks simple to do but the final product looks store quality! Great post!

    • Christine

      Thanks! Love when projects are easy!

  • Erin- Thanks, I Made It

    Great job! Your DIYs never fail to impress!

    • Christine

      Thanks Erin – crazy easy and I love the result!

  • Rachel

    This is SO SO cool, I love it! :)

  • Grace – stripes + sequins

    sooooooo much love for this project!! Amazing job… you killed it.

  • Jamie K

    I love this idea!! It looks super cute when it’s done. I’ll definitely put this on my list of DIYs!

    • Christine

      Isn’t it so sweet? Definitely thinking about variations already!

  • Bettina

    Ooooo I love how bright this necklace is! Going to have to try this one out!

    • Christine

      Yes! The color options are endless. Tweet me a pic if you do!

  • Taylor

    This looks SO amazing Christine! I am so impressed / inspired! Can’t say I’m mad that I sent that little idea your way… well done! xo

  • Nancy

    Can you resend the link for the cylindrical coils? The link you provided doesn’t work for me.
    Thanks! Nancy

  • Emily

    This is amazing!! I am rushing out this weekend and trying this! :) thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • The Beading Gem

    This is just a fantastic tutorial – bold yet not too heavy.

  • Marlene Sauer

    This necklace is gorgeous, I can’t believe that it’s handmade! I’ve featured it in a roundup on my blog:

  • sandi84

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  • Rachel Bell

    This necklace is so cool! I would love to try this using some colorful ribbons and rope that I have in my collection. Love it.

  • Upcycled Jewelry

    This is so cool! Love it!

  • cherif leila

    this is beautiful! i love it

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  • Sophie Lee

    i love it, and its very easy to do. I’m going to give it a try.