DIY: Neon Paracord Knot Necklace

This week was supposed to start off with this post, but we ran into a few computer issues that meant I was taking Monday off as well.  But alas, we are back up and running with a DIY that I prepared with a sweet friend in mind after she showed up to a DIY night put on by a few friends of mine with a necklace that I knew we could do ourselves for quite a few pennies less.


  • 15-18″ of heavy gold chain
  • fabric or super glue
  • 2 large gold jump rings
  • at least 5 feet of 7 strand 3mm paracord


Step 1: Take your long piece of cord, fold it in half and then fold it in half again. Loop it through a jump ring and then knot it off.

Step 2: Start off by knotting and weaving your two double strand pieces with the idea of creating the half moon shape.

Step 3: Knot one piece, knot the other piece, knot them together. Repeat this process, looping, wrapping and weaving your pieces around each other.

Step 4: Keep going. Starting to build out the downward triangle and the half moon shape. If you run out of cord, weave the ends in and secure with a bit of glue. Knot on a new double strand piece and keep going. There is really no rhyme or reason to how to weave, just use your eye and keep adjusting – it’s just a bunch of knots so you can always adjust as needed.

Step 5: Once you get to the end of your half moon wrap the cords around another jump ring, knot and tuck the ends into the back of the necklace. Secure with a bit of glue. If you need to, take a bit of additional double strand cord and wrap around both ends of the necklace to bulk up the space around the jump rings, weaving the ends back into the necklace.

And here you go! Certainly if you prefer to add a clasp closure you can go ahead and do so, but this should be long enough to pull over your head.

  • Nancie Mwai

    I love it, its easy and the colour is just awesome.xx

  • Grace – Stripes + Sequins

    OMG I NEED TO DO THIS. You killed it!!

  • Mindy

    Wow! That is excellent. Your DIY’s look professional!

    • Christine

      Thanks Mindy! And its ridiculously simple!

  • Viviana Carmona

    This is SO great!!

  • Jessica

    Absolutely love how bold this is! I can imagine this livening up so many summer outfits. Fab as always!

  • Kristin Hassan

    lovin the neons!

    -Passport to Style Team

  • fashcollections

    This is fabulous. It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that J. Crew is selling this exact necklace for 150 dollars. Great DIY.


  • Angela Moorer

    So obsessed with neon right now. Love this tutorial!

    xo – Angela

  • LA

    I love this – thank you for sharing! Any suggestions other than paracord? I don’t want to buy several feet of it. Thanks again!

  • A

    Thanks very much for this post! I’ve been looking for a diy ever since i saw the necklace on the j crew website. I’ve been trying to re-create your knots, but can’t quite manage to create the width necessary for the half moon shape. Would you consider doing a small film tutorial?

  • Lindsay

    I would love to re-create this! It’s beautiful! Is there any way you could make this a video…I’m slightly confused by the half moon shape knot and step 3. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lindsay @

  • Yaz

    Thanks for the post! But I’m a little confused on how to recreate this look. Would you please consider doing a brief video? Thanks!

  • Erin

    I love this. But like the others I am confused on how to knot everything. Video would be amazing!

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  • krish

    At first glance I thought of crocheting! Loved this well explained tutorial!

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  • MorrisseyManiac

    Yes! a video please. This is GORGEOUS! However, I cannot figure out how to even begin knotting it. Please consider a detailed video. :) thank you!