Friday, May 25, 2012

Five On Foot: Frolicking Around FIDI

The Financial District, also known as FIDI is obviously most well known as the neighborhood of the World Trade Center, Wall Street and what many consider to be the nation's financial capital. Did you know Wall Street got its name because it used to be an actual wall to protect people from the Indians? So while I could focus today's Five on Foot on many of the obvious attractions and numerous financial and architectural landmarks that make of this neighborhood, I figured I'd highlight some lesser thought of options for those heading down to the land of skyscrapers and three-piece suits. 

ONE. Elevated Acre
55 Water Street
Lounge on this grassy knoll smack in the middle of FIDI. Grab a few pals, a picnic basket chock full of yummy, healthy snacks, an upbeat selection of tunes on the 'pod and enjoy a sunny afternoon lolling around and enjoying good company and great views. 

TWO. TJ Maxx + Century 21
14 Wall Street | 22 Cortlandt Street
It's the battle of the bargains between the newbie TJ Maxx and veteran Century 21 in the cities financial capital. If you have an afternoon off, you can scoop up some epic designer bargains at both locations while everyone else is feverishly working around you! Case in point, I just snagged a pair of Celine trousers shorts for $60! But beware, this is not for the faint at heart - things can get crazy and you definitely have to do some searching - I'm happy to accompany you and show you my deal finding tricks!

THREE. Stone Street
between Whitehall and Broad Streets
Tucked among the financial skyscrapers lies this preserved 19th century New York pathway that feels completely magical and uncharacteristically out of place among its somewhat stark surroundings. Stone Street offers pedestrian friendly walking and during the summer months, rows upon rows of tabletops to dine al fresco with your favorite group of gal pals or arm in arm with your beau. From Smoragas Chef to Mad Dog and Beans to Adrienne's, the cultures all meld together as people nosh mid-street. 
One of my very favorite NYC spots. 

FOUR. Staten Island Ferry
The cheapest + most enjoyable way to see the Statue of Liberty and great multi-borough views. What can I say? I continually think that someday all free things come to an end, so you really have no excuse for not hoping on and enjoying the scenic ride to and from Staten Island. I have been in and up in the Statue of Liberty, and I promise you - this is still my favorite way to see Lady Liberty. And you don't have to lose the better part of your day if your to-see list is a mile long! 

FIVE. Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club
89 South Street
Wind down the evening on the beach. Well, maybe not quite like the beaches you're thinking of - but for city slickers the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club is a fun option to imagine you've headed oceanside for an evening of bonfires and swapping stories. However at this "beach" you'll enjoy a sweeping view, a little sand beneath your toes, a rousing round of ping-pong and frosty pitchers of craft beer. 


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