DIY: Marc by Marc Jacobs Claude Resin and Glass Collar Necklace

My taste is expensive, my budget is not. Which is why I often find myself looking at things through DIY “glasses.” I first came across this lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace on Shopbop and then shortly thereafter spotted it on Busy Phillipps on Cougar Town – a show I do not watch but stopped mid-flip when I saw her.

Never getting up close and personal to this piece, I didn’t know how it was constructed but assumed I could figure out how to do it myself. So here’s my attempt. 

First, lay out your supplies. Count out your beads and make sure you have enough of each element. Certainly, what beads you choose to use may vary from mine but remember that’s okay, use this as a guide not as permanent rules. I scored all of my pieces at MJ Trim, however I’ve found similar pieces at craft stores like A.C. Moore and Joann Fabrics.

I’ve included some general numbers as to how to make this exact necklace, however feel free to add to make the necklace longer. 
You will also need a pair of pliers which I sadly left out of the above.

Step 1: Attach one end of the clasp to approximately 2′ of your tiger tail, secure with a crimp bead. Begin stringing the square beads on in the pattern shown in the original, or feel free to create one you like.

Step 2: String on the center stone that will serve as the anchor and middle of your necklace and finish up the other side. Secure the second half of the clasp with another crimp bead. Your necklace should look similar to the above. 
Step 3: Make your pendant. I choose to glue the beads together using the adhesive glue, however you could also glue on a bit of felt backing for a more finished look. Set aside and let fully dry. 

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of glue to approximately 5 inches of ribbon and fold over for added thickness. 

Note: You could also use clay here as well – instead of ribbon. Mold and shape into the crescent moon and bake. Make sure to poke holes at either end of the moon to allow for the jump rings to affix to the necklace base. 

Step 5: Wait for the glue to dry and carefully cut your ribbon in the shape of a crescent moon, as illustrated above. Cut the whole width of your 5 inch ribbon, as you can always trim down. Measure against your necklace to see where each side can attach to the base necklace. Repeat on the opposite side to ensure they are equal. Once you have both crescents cut and measured against your necklace in matching fashion, affix a piece of wire, looped and knotted, or a jump ring to either end of the crescent and pull each ring through an end cap. Secure ribbon inside end cap with a spot of glue to hold in permanent place.

Step 6: Attach your studs + flatback gems to each crescent moon as illustrated above. Feel free to get as literal or creative as you might want!

Step 7: Attach the crescents to your necklace with a bit of wire or jump rings, depending upon how your beads are constructed. Then attach your pendant to the necklace anchor.

Step 8: Wear. Love. Make for friends.

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  • tanya_caines

    Looks amazing! well done xx

  • Lici

    Wow! Great DIY!! I like the ColorSync of Maude more than Claude’s… ^^

  • slipperyjeanine

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