the dream space

When it comes to decorating I tend to find that if I don’t jump on projects they tend to never get completed. Case in point, our bedroom and guest room. After our housewarming party back in January I literally have not lifted a finger when it comes to making our house more of a home.

But sometimes all it takes is one little push to get things moving again. After coming across the above image I immediately lept into researching similar pieces as that bedroom is the exact compromise my husband and I have talked about. That large map, I’ve had it in my B&N digital cart for two years now. That mirror? I just picked one up at TJ Maxx this weekend. Those pillows? I already own them.

So many of the components have already starting coming together without me even knowing it. I’m so excited to begin putting things together because as of right now all of our blank space has just been used for a few late night dance parties!

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