eat well, travel often

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The last vacation we took was two years ago and there have been zero long weekends away in between. I always said that as I grew older I would make taking time to unplug a priority and I must say, thus far I’ve been failing miserably. We’ve found ourselves in this place of putting more weight on saving for things that don’t include experiencing a little culture – abroad or otherwise. 
So we’ve finally reached the breaking point and are ready to pull the trigger on SOMETHING. Now it’s just narrowing it down to where. I’m in love with Italy but have already been, I’m crazy about Greece but the husband doesn’t feel the same and we’ve most recently been to Mexico and can’t stop thinking about its sandy beaches. 
Wherever we decide, all I know is that it needs to be lazy. A trip heavy on seeing the sights is not what I’m looking for this time around, so tell me… where would you go?