Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: Leather Pockets

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If you're anything like me, the amount of stripes in your wardrobe borders on excessive - in the best possible fashion of course! But having striped shirt upon striped shirt dress tends to get a little uneventful. 

Naturally, browsing Pinterest is sure to feed much needed inspiration and after coming across the striped dress with light leather pockets from COS, and then plenty of other leather pocket inspirations, I knew this would be an easy 10-minute DIY to snazz up a simple striped shirt dress already in my closet. 

You can certainly hit the sewing machine with this one if you own a sewing machine and are adept in creating straight lines. However, you can honestly achieve the same look with a sturdy fabric glue like Unique Stitch - in under 10 minutes!

So grab your leather and glue and get to it! 
Line up your pockets on the dress and decide the best placement. Now is also where you will decide if you need to shorten them a bit or make the width a little smaller. Once you've got the placement and size decided, pick up your first pocket.

Fold in the two sides of the pocket and glue along the edge, leaving the top two inches un-glued. Fold up the bottom and secure fold with fabric glue. Place back in its spot and repeat with the second pocket. 
Attach the pockets, fold flap side towards the fabric to the dress with more fabric glue. Start by gluing the bottom edge of the pocket down first, and then up one side and then the other. The top two inches that you left unglued will give the pockets a bit more shape and dimension once affixed to the dress. And honestly, that's it. 


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