bits & pieces

jon and i have the winter itch pretty badly, since we seem to be overhauling our current decor for a new look. we absolutely love our apartment, but it has a lot of awkward spaces and definitely lacks storage. so we’ve been hunting, thrifting and scouring all sorts of places for bits and pieces to make use of our space and still make it feel like it’s our home.

we recently purchased this amazing armoire and i’m excited to make her over. don’t worry, she will not be staying her current shade of bright yellow! it’s a little much for me, but i can guarantee the result will be equally as bold. and as for the dress form, i came across her at a thrift shop for a ridiculous price and being the girl that i am, couldn’t pass her up. jon still doesn’t quite understand her purpose, but what’s there to understand?

with black hardwood floors and exposed brick, i thought we were long overdue to lighten things up a bit. a few ornate frames and a geometric mirror have done the trick. and buddha, well he’s a constant reminder to keep perspective and stay centered on the purpose of “all” of this.

with a full wall of exposed suspended shelves, we needed a few items to hold up our books and break up the monotony of stack after stack. this thinker serves his purpose while the adorable pooch is as close to a dog as we will get until we have someplace for an actual pup to run around!

we’ve got a few other big things planned in terms of home improvements so you’ll be seeing some of the updates on here as well. jon’s next big project, installing his huge 52″ tv. sadly, it won’t be arriving until 4 days AFTER the superbowl. DARN!