saying goodbye

be in love with your life

Today is court + hudson’s last post. I have sat down to write these words about a dozen times and I’m still not sure I have it right. However, I have spent a good deal of time toying with this decision and if it was the right one for me. And for now, it is. I started this blog as a means to explore, to learn, to share, but mostly to inspire and feel inspired. I wanted to share bits of style – fashion, food, décor – and I wanted to inspire others to build a stylish and creative life, whatever that meant to them.

With those intentions in mind, I have realized that my mission and my content have been feeling disconnected for some time. And maybe even larger than that, where do I belong and where do I want to belong? The truth: I don’t want to be a fashion blogger. I look at my outfit posts and ask myself, what am I achieving by posting these? I cannot find a response that makes me find the validation I am looking for. Am I inspiring anyone? Maybe. (Hi mom!) Am I inspiring myself? No.

Now, by no means do I say this to offend anyone. I love fashion blogs. I follow a slew of them religiously and look to them as sources of inspiration for my own life. I also love what fashion bloggers have done for this industry – yes, the good, the bad and even the ugly, the term “fashion” has become something that everyone can translate, not just those of a certain circle. The direction and the impact of the fashion blogging community will only continue to evolve, and that is an extremely exciting thing for a fashion lover. That said,  I also don’t want to be a food blogger or a DIY blogger or a décor blogger, so where does that leave me? That is ultimately what I hope to figure out over the coming months. Yes, I still want to share, explore and experience all of those things, just in a different capacity.

For now, that means taking a step back. To allow myself to feel inspired again, rather than pressured to keep up. To go to the gym after work followed by dinner with friends, or to take the long way home, instead of worrying about putting up a post. To go out and try new things (French classes! Crossfit! Entertaining!) and see where they take me. To start living my life with no other intention than simply being present.

And eventually, I may return to this community. No longer as court + hudson, but definitely with stories to share, a fresh perspective and a clearer focus on building that fabulously creative life.

So to my very first reader, to the first person to leave a comment and to my first blogger friend, thank you. For seeing something in what I was sharing to stick around, say hi and wanting to learn more about me. It is because of you that I have continued to share and have been lucky enough to be afforded opportunities that would have never existed without this space which I have come back to for these past three years.

If you need to reach me, you know where you can find me (here, here, here and here!)

Open the Book

it's your book


Twenty Thirteen. There is something incredibly optimistic about the prospect of a new year – a chance to do better, be better, and simply – just be. I know there are those who think that ringing in a new year is incredibly overhyped, but why is it such a horrible thing to give yourself the opportunity to pivot and move in a fresh direction?

I for one find the start of this new year to be one with a huge dose of potential, and of perspective. In all honesty, 2012 was full of transition, which left me asking a lot of questions about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Did I figure everything out?

Of course not. But I have landed on a few goals, a few good intentions and a few hopeful changes for this new year. While I am not yet ready to dive in to each of them, I do know that this year will be more thoughtful, less rigid, healthier, lovelier and full of possibility.

So let’s open the book, find a page and begin writing.

A little nap

Okay, maybe not a long winter’s nap, but I’m still in holiday mode until Monday.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their time with friends, family or simply time to themselves! Let’s pick back up next week with some fun last minute NYE soiree ideas, new year resolutions and lots more stylish living. Cheers to the last few days of 2012!


Gift Guide: One Stop Shop | Last Call by Neiman Marcus


I have a confession, until this past weekend, I had yet to start one ounce of holiday shopping. YIKES! This season I find myself completely blank when it comes to finding that perfect gift. Which I find slightly ironic given the gift guides I have spent hours putting together.

However, today’s last and final gift guide is one I can really get behind this holiday season, as it’s literally one and done. One site, one list, all wrapped up in a pretty little package, so to speak. Last Call by Neiman Marcus to the rescue!

There is something for everyone on this list and I’d like to thank Last Call by Neiman Marcus as the catalyst that has helped me over my holiday gift giving hump! Please tell me I’m not the only one starting to scramble when it comes to picking the perfect present?

Already done with your holiday shopping but thinking it might be necessary to score a few presents for yourself? Well you are in luck. Lucky Magazine has teamed up with Last Call by Neiman Marcus to give one lucky gal (or guy!) a spree for $1,000 to scoop up those pre-holiday necessities. I want in!


Do you have those people in your life that you are somewhat terrified to buy a gift for because they return EVERYTHING? You sort of cringe as you push the box in their direction as you know you’ll be met with some sort of insincere “Wow, thaaaanks” as they unwrap the package.

Well, say hello to what may very well be your new best friend when it comes to gift giving, WANTFUL. You enter your pricepoint, a few basic inputs about who and what you are gifting for and away you go. You then get to go shopping and select your top twelve picks for your lucky recipient. The best part, WANTFUL does the tough work for you. They compile everything into a gorgeous printed book, ship it off to the giftee and then let them pick the item they love the most. It takes the pressure off of you to pick THE perfect item and allows the recipient to have some fun figuring out which is the lucky one. I LOVE it!

The best part? Well, there are a few. First of all, whomever does the buying over at WANTFUL has impeccable taste – the items are all impossibly cool and very unique. Second, starting today through Monday, they are offering free overnight shipping on all WANTFUL giftbook orders of $100+. Get your order in by Monday to have the giftbook come in time for Christmas! (I may have ordered one of my own for a lucky mister!)

But the very best part? We’re going to create our own little Wantful experience right here on c+h. That’s right, the team over at Wantful is graciously giving away one of the above items I personally selected as a gift to one c+h reader*. You pick the piece you love the most!

How do you enter?
1. Head over to Wantful’s Facebook page and give them some love (aka LIKE them!)
2. Leave a comment below with what piece of the above you would choose if you won.

That’s it! A winner will be chosen on Thursday December 20th.

*This giveaway is open to US residents only.